"We noticed a definite uptick in interest in our company when our video went viral. With so much competition in the canna space, these days you really need to open up to media and the Grow Sisters are folks you can trust!

   Not every media outlet has the best interest of the true Emerald Triangle farms in mind. I can truly say that the Grow Sisters are doing this for our community and that their hearts are in the right place. We will definitely be working with them in the future to promote our business.”

 Nathaniel Pennington, The Humboldt Seed Company

   "Working with Siobhan Darwish and Grow Sisters really helped us find and target the right audience we wanted for our Cannabis 2018: Cultivation Conference in Oakland. Siobhan is one of the best people to work with and has deep roots in the California cannabis industry, making her the ideal person to partner with to attract cannabis cultivators to our event.

   Her savvy use of different digital tools, whether that’d be the Grow Sisters YouTube channel, the Instagram page (with over 15,000 followers, and counting), or other social media, allowed us to leverage her network to grow our conference. One of the best things about the experience in marketing the conference was that Siobhan worked closely with us in developing a promotional program. She pitched ideas (including a quick interview with myself and managing editor Cassie Neiden), was proactive in asking for people to contact, and took our direction in stride—although she didn’t need much as she was quick to grasp our branding and goals.

   At the event, Siobhan was posting updates to her social media using our #Cannabis2018 hashtag. She was a warm and welcoming presence and always spoke highly about the conference to attendees, speakers, exhibitors, and sponsors. Siobhan will definitely be someone we work with again for Cannabis 2019."

Brian MacIver, Associate Editor, Cannabis Business Times/Cannabis Dispensary Magazine

   "To be a successful businesswoman in the Cannabis industry, you need other women who support, inspire, and empower you on your journey. But many female founders in this industry struggle to feel connected and find the support they need. Fortunately, Grow Sister’s are cultivating a thriving network of sisters for us to tap into as a source for laughter, information, ideas, and access to what we need in order to elevate our visions. Grow Sisters have definitely been a source of love and light for me and have helped attune my company, Bōsm Wellness,  to a much higher vibration."

Raea Campbell, Bosm Wellness 

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