Sister, Grow Your Own

As the owners of Blessed Coast Farms, the first permitted farm in Humboldt County we are often asked why we would promote people growing their own medicinal cannabis, our answers are simple. 


First and foremost because we can. Anyone who wants to celebrate all our cultivation rights should. Within the guidelines of your individual state of course, so do your homework and educate yourself on your state's rules and regulations. Most states allow 4-6 plants which are a perfect starter cannabis garden and will provide the average consumer more than enough supply to last a year. 


Secondly, growing your own is the only way to know 100% what you are consuming is beyond organic.  Due to the lack of transparency when it comes to regulating garden inputs in some states, it can be unsafe for individuals to rely on these products for their medicine. Certain pesticides, fungicides, miticides, fertilizers, and other garden amendments may be harmful to someone with a compromised immune system.  Having control of the plant's growth not only gives a grower the opportunity to personalize their own cultivation style, but it also affords a level of safety for those who want to take precautions in order to create a safe-to-consume product.s.

Your Sisters work diligently on the Sister, Grow Your Own Summer Project each year to bring you comprehensive cultivation education. We also pride our selves in hand-selecting the very best in cultivation products to review throughout the season. If you have a product you would like for us to feature, please visit our services page.

Grow Sisters approved cultivation products 2020

TerraVesco® produces professional-grade, OMRI listed and CDFA certified organic vermicompost. Our proprietary production process utilizes millions of earthworms (E. Fetida) to convert organic dairy manure into an organic soil amendment meeting the highest product quality and consistency standards.

Humboldt Seed Company is on a mission to provide high-quality cannabis seeds to customers who want to grow their own cannabis plants.

Founded in 2001 by biologists in Humboldt County, CA, we began breeding for patients under Prop 215. We have since evolved for the recreational market. Our Clean Green Certified seeds are available in several states at select retailers.

Grow Sisters and The Humboldt Seed Company have teamed up to provide you with the perfect Grow Your Own Garden line up. These Emerald Triangle genetics were chosen specifically for an epic growing season. We will be cultivating these genetics this season and creating content specifically tailored to them. Whether you are a master grower or beginner grower, this trio that now (2020) features an auto-flowering variety is ideal for a rounded cultivation experience. From seed to harvest, join us in celebrating cannabis' legacy brought to you from the hills of Humboldt County.

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