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Social media is more than an app — it’s a way to drive sales, tell stories and build brand loyalty. 

Your Sisters realize that by producing authentic content that tailors to the needs and wants of our viewers we are building trust. We strive to bring everyone involved the highest quality level of engagement while developing a strong and educated cannabis community. 

Our marketing goal is to use our genuine cannabis lifestyle to highlight excellence in the industry. The companies we collaborate with must have our shared values and believe in The Grow Sisters mission. We proudly only align ourselves with products and companies we love and support. 

We proudly feature craft farmers, cultivation products, and high-end product makers. Please contact us for more information on becoming involved in one of our series and marketing campaigns. 


Your farmer


Featuring farms on the Grow Sisters social media platforms as an intimate connection between farmer and consumer. Creating content for farmers to obtain the ability to share their unique story. Maintaining branding through farming practices and

lifestyle authenticity. With this content we are creating, farm to table, mindful connoisseurs. 


Grow Your Own

This series focus is education.

Content creation with hands on product testing. Contributing cannabis cultivation education to the home grower as well as the commercial grower. 

Offering our viewers superior organic product choices, exhibited through cultivation education. 

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