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HIgh Noon Sundays Podcast features prominent figures in the Cannabis Community.


Join The Grow Sisters on ground level in the Cannabis Movement!

Authentic conversations on current topics focused on Cannabis and Hemp. 


So grab a joint or cannabis treat of your choice and join us for HIgh Noon Sundays.

HIgh Noon Sundays also airs LIVE on The Grow Sisters Instagram,  Sundays at 12PST. 

  High Noon Sundays

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Sidecar Tommy

Tommy Cappel or Sidecar Tommy is beatmaker, drummer, and co-producer of the electro-gypsy trio known as Beats Antique  

With roots steeped in The Yard Dogs Road Show, the Extra Action Marching Band, Tommy Cappel’s solo work is where his listeners experience in beats, unfiltered.


Tommy started learning about the healing aspects of cannabis when he moved to the Bay Area in the 90s and realized that cannabis could help minimize the debilitating epileptic seizures he had faced for over 20 years since he was 14. As more scientific research and stories on cannabis became available, he spent 15 years studying what strains help his seizures as well as express himself musically.

Lumi wellness

Join Grow Sisters, Siobhan Danger Darwish & Liz Blaz for this HNS Podcast with Ashley, of Lumi Wellness in Portland Oregon. The ladies discuss consumer education directed at purchasing products and the importance of becoming educated on cannabis and CBD products. So grab a joint or cannabis treat of your choice and join us for HIgh Noon Sundays.

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