Know Your Product



With so much misleading advertising it is difficult to find safe cannabis products even in seemingly legal spaces. The past year has seen a skyrocketing rate of dirty vaping, an outbreak of lung injuries, some serious regulatory shake-ups in the cannabis industry, and a whole lot of panic. 

We see the value in sharing our first-hand experience and extensive network with our viewers.

With so many different cannabis product crises going on right now, we thought we’d launch an entire series dedicated to Product Education. 

The Grow Sisters, Know Your Product Series highlights select cannabis and CBD products. Providing clientele with trustworthy information on prestigious cannabis products. Product makers will be given the opportunity to exhibit their products and team with The Grow Sisters' conscious community.  Our Sister, Liz Blaz will be hosting this series, creating educational content with bona fide product makers and their products. Our intimate introduction between product makers and customers is something we pride our selves on. Being deeply emerged in the cannabis industry we feel confident in our choices of alignment with the product makers we will be hand-selecting for this season's series.

The Opportunity

Step directly into transparency with The Grow Sisters, Know Your Product series. Your Sisters want to share your authentic story with our viewers. We want to celebrate companies who are doing it right in an industry where it is so easy to do wrong. By providing education on your product, company, and your team we strive to administer content that builds brand loyalty. 

Each video will be specifically tailored to your specific product. We want to highlight your product as we educate on how and where to choose the finest cannabis products possible.

Let Us Help Your Business Grow!

Highlighting and promoting businesses that are committed to clean products and honesty in marketing is our goal. We recognize that there is a flood of products in the cannabis space. This flood has caused a major amount of confusion for consumers, this series we strive to take out the confusion and focus on the true products. Providing our viewers with all the information they deserve when purchasing cannabis products. 

Let us represent you and your product on our many social media outlets. Let us leverage our social media engine to promote your unique brand and message.

Know Your Product Series

The Know Your Product series is hosted by pollinator, super-connector and consumer advocate, Liz Blaz.

Liz is an overly obsessed dog mom who prefers hot cocoa to coffee, homemade to store-bought and thinks that Kevin bacon could have gotten his degrees of separation down to one hand if she had been involved. In 2010, Liz moved to CO to work with her sister to open and run an award-winning medical dispensary. As a cannabis patient and consumer herself, she found the immense amount of products, promises, and prohibition driven propaganda about the plant overwhelming to navigate. Liz has spent the last decade dedicating herself to learning everything she can about the cannabis plant and the people that grow and consume it. It is her hope that she can use this knowledge to connect the dots and help the canna-curious explore with confidence. She currently lives in Portland OR where she and her pack are building out their urban homestead and future animal rescue. 

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