Know Your Product 

Our mission for The Know Your Product Initiative is to provide information about clean products to everyone seeking a natural alternative. The Grow Sisters work diligently to inspire people to become conscious consumers.

To provide information on effective, chemical-free products,

in nature’s purest form that works in harmony with the body to

restore and rejuvenate your health.

Products that reach these standards are rewarded with 

Grow Sisters Approval for 2020.

We only feature & approve of products we use, love,

and support the efforts of the company. 

Please note that we are not selling these products on this site.

We are simply 

providing information and discount codes. 



We recommend using CBD Face Oil as a daily moisturizer on clean skin, as a makeup base, makeup remover, beard oil, or anywhere on your body that needs some extra moisture and TLC.

Do you have a product you would like for us to feature?

Please contact us to apply.

Become Grow Sister Approved

Cannabis dispensaries are becoming more popular as more states are moving to legalize recreational and medical cannabis. This means that the market has become more crowded. It’s no longer a seller’s market out there and the cannabis field is quickly becoming competitive. So how do you make sure your business stands out? 

Quality content is all about catching the attention of the elusive future customer. You want to make sure that your potential customers and clients recognize you not just for being a cultivation product, but for having a personal story that they can connect with. We strive to help you build those connections with your clients.  We offer you the opportunity to join our

Know Your Product campaign and become

Grow Sisters Approved.

​Cannabis product education expansion is all about making those personal connections. It’s those bonds with future customers that will help set you apart from your competition. Join our Know Your Product campaign and you are automatically catching the eyes of hundreds of thousands of viewers specific to the cannabis Movement. 

You need to stay ahead of the competition. The cannabis dispensary industry is fiercely competitive. Your competitors are constantly looking for ways to get ahead. They are exploring new advertising strategies, producing robust content, and finding new ways to reach their audience—and you should be to! 

You need a social media cannabis specialist that can help put you ahead of your competitors. We know the cannabis industry inside and out.

We can help you generate compelling content that makes vital connections within your target demographics and helps you secure your place in this challenging field. 

Get in touch with us today to get the advantage you need when it comes to successfully marketing your cannabis dispensary.

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