know your farmer Series

The Grow Sisters was founded by cultivator Siobhan Danger Darwish in the Spring of 2017. Launching on Instagram and YouTube, Grow Sisters has proven to be massively popular.

    Since inception, Grow Sisters has organically attracted 93K+ Instagram followers and 2400+ YouTube followers, with hundreds joining daily.

The Grow Sisters, Know Your Farmer Series was created to highlight other small farms. We are witnessing craft cannabis farms struggling to survive while large companies began to dominate.

With large corporations moving in the quality of the commoditized cannabis has dropped drastically. Without craft farmers, there will be no craft cannabis.

              For these reasons The Grow Sisters, launched the Know Your Farmer Series, inviting other farmers to be featured on the Grow Sisters social media platforms. Farmers will have the ability to share their unique story with The Grow Sisters massive following.

What was established for the Sisters small family farm, Blessed Coast Farms is now being shared with other farmers. The Sisters decided to take an opposing approach to the mass competition that farmers face from large corporations. Small farmers competing with large corporations are demolishing craft cannabis, alternatively, the Sisters have decided to share their platform with fellow farmers.

Offering content creation to farms and their products on The Grow Sisters social media platforms.

The community that follows the Grow Sisters media has an appetite to support farmers.

These viewers long to know more about farmers, product makers, and dispensaries.

We would love to feature your farm, dispensary, products, laboratory, or manufacturing facility! Creating content for you would be an honor for us to share who you are and the positive work you are doing in the industry. 

The Know Your Farmer Series was honored by the Los Angeles International Film, Indie Short Film Festival by joining their Official Selection for Season 2019. The series was also awarded in Offical Selection, by the Los Angeles, IndieX Film Festival. 

Please contact us to be considered for Know Your Farmer Series 2020.


Know Your Farmer 2020


The Know Your Farmer Series is hosted by, second-generation cannabis farmer, Siobhan Danger Darwish.  With 30+ years of cannabis cultivation experience, Siobhan loves to dig in next to the farmers she creates content for. 


Her small family farm, Blessed Coast Farms received the first cannabis cultivation permit in the state of California in 2016. Due to uncertainty in the Californias cannabis industry, Siobhan and her family decided to furlough their farm's license. This caused a deep passion in her to help other farmers strive by creating the exposure they deserve.


Siobhan has been featured in a plethora of cannabis cultivation and business publications. Her public speaking topics range from cultivation to media marketing through innovation and authenticity. 

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