Know your farmer series

We are witnessing craft farms struggling to survive while large companies began to dominate. With large corporations moving in the quality of the commoditized cannabis has dropped drastically.

Without craft farmers, there will be no craft cannabis.

        For these reasons The Grow Sisters, launched the Know Your Farmer Series, inviting other farmers to be featured on the Grow Sisters social media platforms. Farmers have the ability to share their unique stories with The Grow Sisters following.

Blessed Coast farms 

In 2016 Blessed Coast Farms received the first cannabis cultivation permit in the state of California.

The farmers of Blessed Coast Farms are female and are proud to produce high quality craft cannabis. Blessed Coast Farms cannabis is sun-grown and organically produced.

Blessed Coast Farms love talking about sustainability! In fact so much that the Grow Sisters create cannabis educational content from Blessed Coast farms.  First and foremost, growing with the sun will forever be the most sustainable. We do not use synthetic fertilizers or pesticides. We track water usage closely and utilize efficiency measures.

Hogwash Pharms

Hogwash Phagrms is a small family owned and operated farm. Operating off grid in northern California, the cannabis heartland of the U.S. - Humboldt county, known for its old growth redwoods, the lost coast and traditional cannabis. HP is located in the Mattole watershed, growing seed strains adapted to our micro climate and created on site. 

THC and CBD strains are grown outdoor in full sun, using stored water, from well and rain catchment tanks. H P only uses organic ingredients, to amend beds. Having lived and worked on the farm since 1994, growing food ( veggies, fruit, berries and olives) while raising poultry for eggs and heritage hogs. At HP we have a combined 80 years of cultivation and farming experienced.

The Humboldt seed company

The Humboldt Seed Company’s dedication to specialized Cannabis and Hemp Breeding Programs produce some of the most amazing strains found anyplace in the world. Proudly located in Humboldt County, California they have the perfect growing conditions to cultivate and propagate unique seed products. Humboldt Seed Company’s mission is to provide high-quality medicinal Cannabis seeds to patients in California who wish to grow their own medicine. Humboldt Seed Company offers seeds for fair trade for services provided in accordance with state law. 

mountainwise farms

Mountainwise Farms is located deep in the heart of Humboldt County near the Mad River. They are stewards of the land and with decades worth of growing experience they have a balanced connection with the plant. Grow Sisters Media had the pleasure of interviewing Sara, owner & cultivator at Mountainwise farms. Sara has been a long-time Community member in Humboldt County and lived to see the change in the community since legalization. “We believe the cannabis plant feels our connection to it and responds by giving us premium quality products.”

Humboldt patient resource center

HPRC is a State Permitted micro business with two retail locations (HPRC Arcata/HPRC Eureka), an on site nursery, on site flower cultivation, state wide distribution, processing, and packaging operations. HPRC has its own product line on site, but HPRC also offers distribution to local farmers. HPRC offers packaging services on site and has distribution channels across the state and two local retail dispensaries to help farmers reach new markets. The HPRC micro business has been helping local farmers and serving customers since 1999.

rising leaf farms 

Rising Leaf Farms is nestled in the foothills of the Cascade Mountains at an elevation of 2200’. Their cannabis is grown with crystal-clear well water and the finest organic teas and soils, never with synthetic nutrients or pesticides. Each plant is hand-tended with love and care from seed to sale.It was quickly very clear to us during our tour of Rising Leaf Farms that the farmers Jason and Jennifer are continually striving to improve the quality of their products, their environment, and their community.

willowbilly farms

Mike and Brittany, the owners and operators of Willow Billy Farms, built their farm together and are so proud of the quality, craft cannabis they have been producing for the Oregon market. Southern Oregon is a special place and Willowbilly knew they wanted to do something more. They have expanded into the high CBD cannabis market as well and are absolutely so excited about it!  They enjoy the simple life as farmers and homesteaders, home to chickens, cows, bees, regeneratively grown veggies and of course an amazing life for their three pups. 

Yerba Buena & TJ's Organics

Yerba Buena is an award-winning Oregon cannabis cultivator of organically-grown flower that offers a consistently beautiful, clean, effective, and delicious experience. The Yerba Buena farm consciously created a workplace where each individual is comfortable, welcome, and connected. Yerba Buena is a Clean Green Certified™ and Certified Kind™ cannabis grower dedicated to growing conscientiously and organically. Minimizing their environmental footprint is daily exercise. Their bio-active soil is rich in micro-nutrients, locally produced to our specifications, and recycled. Utilizing an integrated pest management program based on natural prevention, including the use of beneficial bacteria and predatorial insects.

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