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Darwish is a second Generation Cannabis farmer, owner of Californias first Cultivation permit and curator of Grow Sisters Media. She Produced the award winning independent documentary film,

Know Your Farmer.

Darwish is the host of High NOON Sundays Podcast

Darwish is also the Producer & Editor of Sister, Grow Your Own Summer Project. Read her blogs on cannabis cultivation. 

 Wilson has been known for her unparalleled wisdom in the expansive realm of Metaphysics and Eastern Medicine. Wilson is a professional Reiki Master Teacher, Cannabis Sommelier, Host & Producer of podcast Metaphysical AF, and an Esoteric Adept. Check out her blog on the Metaphysical world of healing.   

Maggie may Wilson 




Naomi Hannah

Kait Flores

Danielle is currently working on her Master's Degree in metaphysical sciences, and on her professional diplomas in Music, Nutrition, Sales, and Entrepreneurship.

 Danielle (aka @MsMerri) invest her time in people, animals, and businesses who strive to make the world a better place.   Personal projects

(@HumbleBumbleFaerieFam, The Vegan Cooking Show, #PussyPurrspective podcast, #PeoplePerspective, and @SacredLoveCircle).


Danielle Merri


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